Squaredans Convention
2023 i Halmstad

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Registration - Registration guide

Registration guide Squaredans Convention 2023
We need information about you:

Contact person
In order to organise Convention 2023 and make it a great experience for all parties, we need to be able to communicate with you, the registrant. We will need your name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Furthermore, each individual dancer needs to be registered.
When you're done, press "Next".

Each participant to be registered
Fill in your first name and last name (don't forget the contact person).
- Choose the type of ticket; adult/youth, full weekend/2 days/1 day, or non-dancer. For example, a non-dancer could be a bus driver who does not dance but wants to have lunch.
- State club membership and the highest level of dance that will be performed.
After each added dancer press "Add". When all are added press "Next".

Parking lots for Mobile home, Caravan
If you want to pre-book a parking lot, please indicate whether you want it with or without electricity.
There are 10 lots with electricity and 30 lots without electricity.
Enter the vehicle registration number. Only one lot can be booked at a time.
When you're done, press "Add".
It is possible to book a lot without electricity and/or queue for a place with electricity.
Once you have booked the lots you want, press "Next".
The fee is for 3 nights, Thursday to Sunday.
Please note no earlier arrivals than Thursday 18 May at 15.00.

For each participant who wants to pre-book lunch, please indicate which food each person wants.
Indicate if you wish to participate in the Pub Night on 19 May and/or the Afterparty on 20 May. Must be pre-booked!
Please indicate any special dietary requirements. In case of allergies please inform us to E-mail
When you're done, press "Next".

Read through and make sure everything is correct. If not, correct it.
By confirming, you accept our privacy policy and our payment terms.
When you have finished checking press "Confirm".

Booking confirmation
You will receive a Booking Confirmation/Invoice to your E-mail address. NOTE! Be sure to note your Booking Number and Password.
Please print out your booking confirmation on paper and bring it to the check-in desk at the Squaredans Convention 2023.

For payments within Sweden please pay to Bankgiro 5841-9706, Salmon Town Dancers. Convention 2023.
Don't forget to quote your booking reference when you pay.
In case of international payment IBAN SE3450000000051011089386 Bic-Code ESSESESS
Adress SEB 106 40 Stockholm
Please note that the entry fee will be increased in 2023-04-01. Therefore, please pay as soon as possible to avoid a balance payment.
Payment must be received by the organiser no later than 10 May 2023.
Once we receive your payment, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address.

If cancellation is made before 6 April 2023, 90% of the fee will be refunded. If cancelled before 8 May 2023, 80% of the fee will be refunded. If a medical certificate is presented before the start of the Squaredans Convention 2023, 90% of the fee will be refunded.